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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
Fox Valley Bicycle &
Ski Club
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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
When: Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM

Name Type
Kim Abello Everyone
Amy Baehr Everyone
Jeff Becker Everyone
Jeanne Bereza Everyone
Karie Beverly (Strangeway) Everyone
Jodi Brutto Everyone
Donna Buchholtz Everyone
Sherry Buringame Everyone
Brenda Bylaitis Everyone
Thomas Carby Everyone
Alex Chambers Everyone
Michelle Chambers Everyone
Sandra Chavez Everyone
Bob Cox Everyone
Sue Cravatta Everyone
Ilene Dailey Everyone
William Demmon Everyone
Sheila Duggan Everyone
Ann Edwards Everyone
Sally Fairbank Everyone
Bruce Feinberg Everyone
Tony and Meg Feldhaus Everyone
Larry Finney Everyone
Richard Fischer Everyone
Mia Fossa Everyone
Ed Foster Everyone
Bob (Robert) Geigner Everyone
David Gibbs Everyone
Katy Giesecke Everyone
Bonnie Gillespie Everyone
Julie Glanville Everyone
Chris Goebel Everyone
Gina Grant Everyone
Pawel Grawender Everyone
Randy Hahn Everyone
Carrie Halle Everyone
Lory Harris Everyone
Hal Honeyman Everyone
Julie Honeyman Everyone
Sam Hostert Everyone
Dee Keim Everyone
Joe Keim Everyone
Bryan Ketter Everyone
Les Kraska Everyone
Wendy Kraska Everyone
Claire Kruse Everyone
Lisa Krzeczowski Everyone
Kate Kunert Everyone
Torie Lange Everyone
Mary Leonard Everyone
Greg Leston Everyone
Sharon Liberman Everyone
James Lowe Everyone
Mary Lyons Everyone
Michael Majewski Everyone
Rhonda May Everyone
Tim May Everyone
Monica MOOSE Everyone
Steve Moran Everyone
Wally Moran Everyone
Thomas Mullen Everyone
Scott Nowling Everyone
tony pacione Everyone
Jun Padigos Everyone
Alex Pallan Everyone
Julie Pallan Everyone
Quentin Pallan Everyone
Ryan Pallan Everyone
laura picard Everyone
mark picard Everyone
Karen Pulver Everyone
Rick Pumo Everyone
Cheryl Rosentreter Everyone
Gene Roth Everyone
Paul Rudden Everyone
Daniel Saathoff Everyone
Jon Sayad Everyone
David Sciabaras Everyone
William Scofield Everyone
Jerry Shields Everyone
Troy Simpson Everyone
Ginger Siska Everyone
Julia Stace Everyone
Janine Staudacher Everyone
Tim Staudacher Everyone
Pat Sweeney Everyone
Pamela Szponer Everyone
Ron Teeple Everyone
Mark Thomas Everyone
Karen Townsend Everyone
Tracey Trendler Everyone
Lisa Vanderkamp Everyone
Eric & Connie Vann Everyone
Vera Verbel Everyone
Dennis Vinas Everyone
Patrick Walsh Everyone
Harry Warnaar Everyone
Sheldon Williams Everyone
Graham Woodward Everyone
Alma Wulff Everyone