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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
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Welcome!  Come ride with us


The 2021 Cycling Season begins on Sunday, March 7th with our International Women's Day Ride! 

If you like to ride your bike, you have come to the right place!
  The FVBSC is a group of people that are passionate about cycling.  From April through October, our event calendar is full of ride opportunities - although rides can be scheduled anytime weather permits, even in January!

FVBSC offers 15 regularly-scheduled standing rides per week, ranging from novice/casual to advanced. There is something for everyone!  Newer riders are encouraged to start in the novice/casual group to learn basic cycling techniques, safety protocols and group ride dynamics.  Many members quickly advance to intermediate rides, where skill, strength and endurance building happen. Experienced riders enjoy faster speeds, longer distances and higher elevations, often in a single or double pace line.  All of our rides (except Advanced) are “No Drop” rides, meaning you will never get left behind. 

All cyclists must adhere to state and local COVID guidelines and restrictions, as well as the FVBSC Group Ride Guidelines. FVBSC assumes cyclists participating in group rides will use good judgment regarding their eligibility and agree to the guidelines.

2021 Ride Schedule

FVBSC classifies their rides into 5 skill categories:





10-12 MPH, 10-20 miles, flatter elevation, mostly trails, some roads – NO DROP (STAY TOGETHER)

Intermediate Low

12-14 MPH, 15-40 miles, flatter elevation, trails and roads – NO DROP (REGROUPING)


14-16 MPH, 35-75 miles, moderate elevation, mostly roads – NO DROP (REGROUPING)

Intermediate High

16-18 MPH, 35-100 miles, pace lines, any elevation, roads – NO DROP (REGROUPING)


18+ MPH, 35+ miles, pace lines, any elevation, roads - DROP

All rides are free for members and guests; guests have a 2-ride maximum to experience the club, then are asked to become a club member MEMBERSHIP (only $20 per year).

To sign up for a ride, please visit the EVENT CALENDAR and select your desired ride.  Please register for the ride and provide your contact information (in case we need to reach you for a cancellation, etc.).  Registrations must occur by 8pm the night before to allow the ride leader time to prepare for the ride.  You may cancel your registration at any time.

Contact Ride Director at for more information.



Who leads the rides?

Rides are led by a ride leader.  A ride leader is an experienced club member and cyclist that volunteers to lead rides.  Their responsibilities include planning the route, ensuring participant safety and enforcing club rules.  Any experienced cyclist may volunteer to lead rides.

Meet Your Ride Leaders

What types of bikes do people use?

Most members have road and gravel bicycles, some members use electric or hybrid bicycles.  Fat tire and mountain bikes are best suited for winter and/or mountain bike rides.

For anyone looking to buy a bike or get bike maintenance, FVBSC recommends The Bike Rack, 2930 Campton Hills Drive, St. Charles, IL 60175 (open 7 days per week) 630-584-6588


What are the requirements for riders?

  • Obey the Illinois Rules of the Road.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Riders must wear approved helmets.
  • Riders should carry an extra tube and method for inflation.
  • Bicycles must be in good mechanical working order.
  • Rear lights strongly recommended during day; front/rear lights required when riding in or into dawn, dusk and night.
  • Personal radios and music loudspeakers are not permitted.
  • Do not ride in aero bars while in a group or paceline.
  • Ride no more than 2 abreast (if safe to do so).
  • Ride as far to the right as is safe. Ride to the left of the white line to be considered on the road.
  • When stopped, move completely off the road.
  • Move to single file on busy streets.
  • Pedal smoothly, be predictable, pay attention.  
  • For gravel rides, 32mm+ tires are recommended.
  • Carry identification and your emergency contact information.
  • ROAD ID is recommended to list emergency contacts and/or medical conditions. 


Drafting is NOT RECOMMENDED during the COVID-19 period.  Drafting protocols:
- Ride a comfortable distance behind the wheel in front of you.
- Do not fixate on the wheel in front of you, look beyond the rider to see what is up the road.
- Do not slam on the brakes!
- Always communicate what you are going to do.

What does the speed range mean for a ride pace? 

The average MPH of a ride is defined by the “total saddle time” average speed.  The average speed on the ride is posted using a range, for example 10-12 mph. Your rolling speed will be a little higher than the average speed because it takes into consideration the times you slow down to stop and gradually pick up your speed after stopping. Also, the terrain and weather will influence your average, for example hills, headwinds, trails will reduce your average speed; tailwinds and long straight stretches on smooth pavement will increase your average speed.

Where do your rides start?

Club members start their rides in a number of different places throughout the Fox Valley area and beyond. Each ride on the Event Calendar includes the start location name and address. Over the years, the following locations have commonly been used.


The Bike Rack (TBR): The Bike Rack, 2930 Campton Hills Drive, St. Charles.


Kane County Government Center (KCGC): Rt. 31 & 3rd Street in Geneva (south of the railroad tracks). Turn into the Government Center at the stop light and go towards the river & soccer fields to the back parking lot.


Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve (LRO): Dean St (north of Rt. 64 and west of Randall) at the Leroy Oaks/Great Western Trail, south side of street. St. Charles.


Headwaters Conservation Area (HDW): on Beith Road east of Anderson, north of Rt. 38, Campton Hills.


Hanson Rd and Great Western Trail (GWT): Take Rt. 64 west of Wasco to Hanson Rd, turn right. Parking immediately on right, Lily Lake. 


Kaneville Community Center (KCC): Harter Rd, just north of Main Street. Park behind the library and by the baseball fields. Kaneville. 


Kaneville Harter Middle School (HMS): Meredith Road between Rt. 38 and Keslinger Rd. Northern most parking lot off of Meredith. 


Batavia River Walk (BRW): 100 North Island Ave, Batavia. Park by the Police Department building.


North Aurora Island Park (NAIP):  Fox River Trail (FRT) trail head on West State Street by Harners Bakery, North Aurora.


Poynor Park: 6N330 Swanberg Road, CamptonTownship. Between Empire and Silver Glen Rd. Parking in gravel areas.


Information on Area Trail System


Here's a link to an application to help you navigate the local trail system and find amenities. It was created and is supported by Kane Kendall Council of Mayors.

KKCOM Bike & Pedestrian App