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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Swedish Days 2019 Pictures
SDR - 2019 - Vickie
26 photos - updated 8/23/2019
Swedish Days Ride - Harter MS
SDR - 2019 - Tony's pics
21 photos - updated 6/24/2019
Club Ride Photos
7 photos - updated 1/2/2019
Spain 2018
1 photos - updated 11/8/2018
Awesome turn out with 15 riders and great weather!
07-08-18 Ride to Hinkley from Headwaters
15 photos - updated 7/8/2018
The southern part of the route, particularly at and near the Kaneland Middle School rest stop
Swedish Days Ride 2018 - Kaneland and Vicinity
47 photos - updated 7/7/2018
Along the roads between Hampshire and Burlington, plus early finishers at Burlington
Swedish Days Ride 2018 - Hampshire to Burlington
88 photos - updated 7/7/2018
Along the roads to the Hampshire rest stop, plus Hampshire
Swedish Days Ride 2018 - to Hampshire
93 photos - updated 7/7/2018
Swedish Days Ride 2018 - registration/setting out from Burlington
Swedish Days Ride 2018 - Starting at Burlington
71 photos - updated 7/7/2018
50th Anniversary
10 photos - updated 5/10/2018
12-19-15 Ride to Cortland
5 photos - updated 7/30/2017
GREAT ride with Jerry, Stefan, Rob, Frank and Ralph! The roads to Huntley were in great condition and there was lots of shade and wind breaks from the trees.
KCGC to Huntley 07-30-17
6 photos - updated 7/30/2017
Swedish Days Ride 2017 Highlights
17 photos - updated 6/28/2017
Riders along Middleton Road near McGough
Swedish Days Ride 2017N
4 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along Percy Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017M
20 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders rounding the corner at Ramm and Percy Roads
Swedish Days Ride 2017L
17 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along County Line Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017K
5 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along Keslinger Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017J
19 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Kaneland Rest Stop
Swedish Days Ride 2017I
15 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along Harter Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017H
5 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along Dauberman Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017G
6 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Hampshire Rest Stop
Swedish Days Ride 2017F
16 photos - updated 6/27/2017
SAG at work at Allen & Walker Roads
Swedish Days Ride 2017E
3 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along New Lebanon Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017D
43 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders along Factly Road
Swedish Days Ride 2017C
36 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Riders near Engels and Factly Roads
Swedish Days Ride 2017B
60 photos - updated 6/27/2017
Burlington Middle School - during registration and after riders have returned
Swedish Days Ride 2017A
18 photos - updated 6/27/2017
After the ride is done
Swedish Days Ride 2016 - conclusion
12 photos - updated 6/27/2016
More photos between Hampshire and Kaneland, as well as some south of Kaneland
Swedish Days Ride 2016 - Kaneland etc
32 photos - updated 6/27/2016
Swedish Days Ride 2016 - to Kaneland
32 photos - updated 6/27/2016