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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
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Interested in riding RAGBRAI with Fox Valley friends? All active FVBSC members are invited to join our team for the RAGBRAI XLVIII from July 25 - July 31, 2021.

Why join our RAGBRAI team?

  • Coordination of transportation to start town and from finish town
  • Bunk together at Pork Belly Charter camp sites (our preferred charter, they are AWESOME)
  • Friendly faces and a chance to get to know club members before, during and after rides
  • For newbies: general riding advice, riding buddies and light mechanical assistance

Pork Belly Charter:

  • Registration open NOW
  • More information here


  • There is no fee for riding in a group and everyone pays individually
  • You do NOT need to ride as a team. Take it at your own pace
  • You do not need to ride the full week. Ride as many days as you wish

Did we mention ...

take it at your own pace!


  • Registration for RAGBRAI XLVIII opens December 7, 2020
  • Weeklong Rider Registration closes April 1, 2021 ($175 for week)
  • Daily Rider Registration closes June 1, 2021 ($30 per day)
  • How to register:
  1. Go to
  2. Create a user account
  3. Submit a ride entry as a Group Member - Fox Valley Bicycle and Ski Club

Train and Ride with Us!

The FVBSC RAGBRAI TEAM is getting ready for our legendary (and fun) ride across Iowa.  Visit to learn all about it!

THE RIDE (July 25-July 31, 2021) – Arrive in Le Mars, Iowa (start town) on July 24

RAGBRAI is an enjoyable ride, not a race.  Averages 67 miles per day – moderately hilly (some days extremely hilly), winds supposedly blow W to E but don’t count on it, ride in all weather. 

When you ride RAGBRAI, you can ride self supported (carry your gear with you), camp in the RAGBRAI campgrounds (very crowded, few amenities) or hook up with a charter.  FVBSC uses the Pork Belly Ventures Charter, the oldest and largest charter ... and best in our opinion.  So you will register for both the RIDE and the CHARTER.

Instructions to Register for RAGBRAI and Join FVBSC Group:

  • Registration opens December 7, 2020
  • Go to 
  • Create an account / login to your account
  • Go to MY RAGBRAI
  • Go to JOIN A GROUP
  • Find FVBSC #16583
  • Weeklong rider fee = $175 (due by April 1)
  • Sign waiver


2021 Course 
Starts in Le Mars, Iowa and ends in Clinton, Iowa 


Instructions to Register for Pork Belly Charter:

  • Registration is open NOW (until July 31)
  • Go to
  • Create an account / login to your account
  • Weeklong support fee = Approx $65 per day (due by June 1)
  • Sign waiver

PORK BELLY fees go to the PORK BELLY CHARTER (independent from RAGBRAI) and include:

  • Baggage transport from host town to host town
  • RESERVED campsites
  • Port-A-Potties (known as kybos)
  • Royal Flush, the restroom trailer, with flushing toilets and urinals, sinks and soap-dispensers, mirrors and lights
  • Team T-Shirt
  • Juice Thingy Trailer for charging electronic devices (charging is available 24 hours), plus electric air mattress inflator/deflator
  • Your Daily Shower and Towel, hot, private showers in camp. The shower trailers are air-conditioned, and you'll find soap and shampoo dispensers in every stall.
  • Hot Coffee, start brewing at 4:30 a.m.
  • Three Suppers in Camp. We aim for nutritious and delicious menus provided by the best local caterers.
  • Massage (optional, extra charge). A deep-tissue, athletic massage.
  • Professional Bike Mechanics, set up in camp daily from 3:00 p.m. on to help you with minor repairs.
  • PBV's Midweek Laundry Service (optional, extra charge)
  • Pump Thingy, a special compressor and pressure regulator to make pumping your tires a breeze.
  • Free weeklong storage of your hard-shell bike case or bike box-$20 value, free to weeklong Porkers.
  • Optional Rental Tents ($495 per week), includes set up, take down, duffle bag delivery and pick up

PORK BELLY’s limit is two duffels, one for clothing and toiletries, and the second for camping stuff. Everything you bring should fit inside your two bags. Don’t spend much on a RAGBRAI bag. It’s going to get some wear.

COST ESTIMATE ($1,000 to $2,000 depending upon your desired level of luxury)


How do we get there?  Where do we leave cars? 
Those are good questions, ones that we will work out closer to the date.  Some riders have family members that move cars along the way.  Some riders park at the start and shuttle back to the start at the end.  Some riders park at the end and shuttle to the start.  We'll figure it out.

I have a block of 8 rooms (16 travelers) reserved in Clinton, IA for the night before (Saturday, July 24th).  The next morning we will most likely catch the Pork Belly shuttle to Le Mars, leaving at 8am.  Rates will be about $60 per person or $120 per room ($101 for room plus $12 for taxes).  Please let me know if you would like one of these rooms.

Hampton Inn

2781 Wild Rose Circle South

Clinton, IA 52732

Itinerary # 72013539899003

You booked 8 rooms for 16 travelers.

Room, 2 Queen Beds, Non Smoking


To make RAGBRAI enjoyable, the minimum recommended training is 1,000 miles by start date, including several back-to-back riding days.  And don't forget to throw in some hill training!  At the end of each day, you should be tired (but not exhausted) and should be able to recover with a hot shower, square meal and good night’s sleep for the next day in the saddle.

Please contact Carrie, RAGBRAI event coordinator, at 630-567-2300 or for questions.